10 Video Game & Geek Christmas Gifts

10 Video Game & Geek Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re here to help save you time finding the perfect gamer and geek gifts this holiday season. We’ve got ten gift ideas for casual and hardcore gamers and a few geek surprises too. So no matter who you are buying for, if they love video games or geek inspired merchandise you’ll find everything here from stocking fillers to the best present ever.

10. Modern Task Force Warfare Shirt

With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 recently comes this Modern Warfare inspired Shirt. Become part of the task force and take down the enemy whilst wearing this shirt. Great for gamers who love their clan gaming in MW3 or for friends you know just love putting on their army gear to save the world. Modern Task Force Warfare Shirt comes in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes to suit any gamer.

9. IDDQD Shirt

Anyone who has played Doom will remember the cheat code IDDQD which activated god mode. Grab this IDDQD shirt which is great for retro gamers or Doom lovers and let them activate God mode in real life.
This shirt comes in sizes up to 4XXL and in loads of colours too. Grab the IDDQD Shirt now for Christmas.

8. 3 Hearts Video Game Shirt

If you are looking for gaming gifts for a retro gamer then check out this Three Hearts Shirt. Early games often gave you 3 lives to complete the whole game, a huge challenge and these hearts will be most recognisable in a number of Zelda Games. So if you are buying for a Zelda fan who is playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time of Zelda: Skyward Sword then they will appreciate this shirt. This shirt is available in mens and womens sizes and styles so grab your 3 hearts shirt now!

7. Video Game iPhone Cases

Looking for a stocking filler? We’ve got you covered with custom Video Game iPhone cases. Protect your new iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s with these video game iPhone cases. Will protect your phone from drops, scratches and keys and is perfect for gamers who love to game on their phones. View over 40 different video game iPhone cases here.

6. Eat Sleep Game Shirt

If you are reading this you probably know someone who just eats, sleeps and plays video games. This shirt is perfect for them, letting everyone know how much they love games. Let them play video games all day long in this eat sleep gamer shirt available in loads of sizes and colours for every gamer.

5. Video Game Shot Glasses

Looking for even more video game stocking fillers? Video Game Shot glasses are perfect for adult gamers who like to play drinking games whilst playing video games or just like to party whilst drinking from their favourite video game themed shot glass. Check out over 100 different video game shot glasses and make sure this Christmas is a blast.

4. Stealing Your Flag Gamer Shirt

With Modern Warfare 3 out, Battlefield 3 and Halo, gamers are playing lots of multiplayer games of capture the flag. This shirt is great for clans and online gamers. ‘Im in your base stealing your flag’ it boasts whilst they run inside the base to steal the flag. With sizes up to 4XXL and male and female clothing grab this shirt now and provide a great video game gift.

3. Video Game Posters

Need a video game poster for a bedroom door? How about a gamers room? You’ll find loads of video game posters here with sizes from small up to door size. Printed on thick high quality paper these posters will last thousands of virtual lives and let everyone know to avoid you whilst playing games or let them know what games you are into. Pick up a video game poster now for Christmas!

2. Achievement Unlocked Shirt

Achievement Unlocked Shirt. This classic shirt is a best seller and for good reason. Every gamer loves to unlock achievements and they can unlock achievements all day long with the Achievement Unlocked shirt.
This shirt comes in a wide range of styles and you can even find this design on gamer underwear too.

1. Make Your Own Video Game and Geek clothing

Still struggling for video game and geek Christmas gifts? Then create your own. Make your own custom video game or geek shirts by uploading your own pictures and text or selecting from hundreds of premade designs to make a unique Christmas gift. You can make shirts, hoodies, bags and much more. Create your own video game shirts here.

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