Submit Your Design Ideas

Contributing to Carbon Clothing?

At Carbon Clothing we strive to create the best designs possible for everyone to enjoy. Since the best ideas are not always thought up by the same group of people, but rather by random ideas by random people, we look to people like you to help us come up with some awesome funny designs.

We rely on you to tell us what you like and want to see more of. We want your ideas help to create thefunny goodness we place onto our Shirts, hoodies and other items.

If you are a designer, illustrator, graphic artist or someone with just a vague idea, you can submit your designs to us and help make the funny apparel world a little nicer. We’d love to see your designs or hear your ideas for new funny products.


You can email us your designs to take a look at and if we like it, we’ll slap it on a shirt and sell it. Sounds great doesn’t it, seeing your design on a shirt. Not only that but we’ll send you it on a shirt free of charge and give you a voucher to spend on more gaming items or to give away to a friend. Not skilled in creating designs but have a great idea? Then just submit your scribbled down thoughts on our ideas board and maybe we or someone else will make a cool design from your idea!

How it works!

1. Submit your design to us by email. All images must be in PNG format 2000px by 2000px. Ideas have to be in the english typed out format.

2. We’ll review your ideas and submissions. If we like it we’ll create or use it! However there are some rules.
a. The design must be clean, sharp and simply scream ‘I want to wear that on a shirt’.
b. The design is not clever, original or has Intellectual Property of another organization or artist.
c. The design is old, over-done or is already available on another website/store.

Stop the Presses!

If we like your design or you’re idea we’ll email you back and let you know how you can claim your free shirt and voucher. It’s now your chance to tell everyone about your cool design and get them to buy it too!

If you submit an idea via our comments box please be aware that we moderate all incoming content. So play nice and offer constructive criticism if responding to other peoples ideas. If we also like your idea and turn it into a shirt we’ll offer you a voucher to spend on our site as a thank you for taking the time to tell us your ideas.

Do I own my designs?

You own the rights to the design until we email you to tell you we’ll be using it on a product. As soon as we select a design, we take ownership of it and refrain the right to edit the design as we wish. Please keep this in mind when submitting your designs. If you are not comfortable with giving us the rights to your design please do not email your design to us.

Can I submit my design to other websites?

No. As stated above, we take ownership of your design if we select it to become a product. For this reason, we do not allow you to submit your design to other websites.

What about my ideas?

All ideas become the property of Carbon Clothing. You are free to submit your designs elsewhere however. If we release a design that you feel is similar to your idea, it does not mean your idea inspired the design. If your idea inspired the design you will receive an email confirming this.